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We made it easy.  All in one place. 

It's time to explore, empower, and elevate your real estate journey. 

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Customers can create a complimentary account and start saving their favorite profiles. Build your list, share with friends and family and connect with all of your service providers, directly from one organized online digital space. 

Agents and Industry Pro's now have a professional platform to showcase their business and have the opportunity to connect with new customers. No skewed data. Just authentic connections with customers looking for your services. Create an account and you will be prompted to pay your annual fee of $497 online in order to build your dynamic profile. 

An additional benefit of your Lux10 membership, Agents and Pros will have exclusive access to some of the best partners for your business.  Many will provide discount codes so you can get started with ease. Our goal is to help your business run efficiently and be able to put systems in place so you can grow.

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Pricing and Payment

Customers: Free

Agents and Pros: $497 Annual Fee

You will be prompted to pay online once you Sign Up for your new account. 

We Made it Easy. All in One Place.

Customers register for your free account today to start searching and saving your favorites. Agents and Pros please sign up today to create your profile. We can't wait to meet you!

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